Volunteer Opportunities and Resources

Opportunities through the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs

Report an Invasive Species Sighting

Report sightings to Oregon Invasive Species Hotline
Call 1-866-INVADER or 1-866-468-2337 (tollfree in Oregon)
More details on how to report a sighting and what to look for HERE.

Zebra Mussel Volunteer Monitoring

The Zebra Mussel Monitoring Network coordinates volunteers throughout the West who have access to lakes and rivers. Volunteers are provided a PVC substrate to hang on their docks and monitor for zebra mussel colonization. Monthly reply cards are submitted by volunteers to the Aquatic Nuisance Species Volunteer Coordinator at the Center for Lakes & Reservoirs to indicate signs of colonization. If there is a positive sighting, authorities are alerted and further steps are taken to determine the extent of colonization.

Please click <<< here >>> for more information about the program.

Mitten Crab Volunteer Monitoring

We are currently updating and revising our mitten crab volunteer monitoring program to conform with the latest mitten crab risk assessment. In the meantime please go <<<here>>> if you think you've found a mitten crab or would like more information about mitten crabs.

New Zealand Mudsnail Reporting

For more information on how to report a sighting of New Zealand mudsnails please go <<<here>>>.

Other Regional Opportunities

Ivy Removal Project at the No Ivy League headquartered in Forest Park, Portland OR.

Statewide list of organized weed pulls from the Oregon Department of Agriculture

More Coming Soon