Dr. Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson



Ph: 503-725-2923

PhD: University College Cork, Ireland • Marine Biology
BSc: University College Cork, Ireland • Applied Ecology




Ian is a Research Associate at the Aquatic Bioinvasion Research & Policy Institute. He has been working at PSU since 2004 and has a BSc in Applied Ecology and PhD in Marine Ecology from University College Cork, Ireland. His research focuses on marine and estuarine introduced species and benthic ecology. He works with colleagues at the Marine Invasions Lab of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center on maritime vectors of invasive species, especially vessel biofouling. This work has included research projects undertaken from Panama to Alaska and from Micronesia to the East Coast of North America. He also works on ballast water, marine biodiversity, biogeography, eradication and control of invaders, and management & policy related to introductions.


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